Tuesday, April 19, 2011


This is the site where I will compile various researches which show the many benefits of chess in education. Please feel free to add more materials. I hope this will help bring chess into more schools across the United States and throughout the world.

According to research, test scores improved by 17.3% for students regularly engaged in chess classes, compared with only 4.6% for children participating in other forms of enriched activities.  In approximately 40 nations across the globe, including Brazil, China, Venezuela, Italy, Israel, Russia, Greece, and recently Armenia, etc., chess is incorporated into the country's scholastic curriculum. Just as athletics are a part of the required agenda at schools in the United States, chess has been that way in the European Nations abroad. 

Chess has long been regarded as a game that can have beneficial effects on learning on development, especially when it is played from a young age. Below are just some of the most critical benefits that chess can provide to a child: 

* Develop analytical, synthetic and decision-making skills, which they can transfer to real life.

* Learn to engage in deep and thorough chess research which will help them build their confidence in their ability to do academic research.

* Help children gain insights into the nature of competition which will help them in any competitive endeavor.

* When youngsters play chess they must call upon higher-order thinking skills, analyze actions and consequences, and visualize future possibilities.

* In countries where chess is offered widely in schools, students exhibit excellence in the ability to recognize complex patterns and consequently excel in math and science.

Let's work together to bring chess into more schools! We can do it!


  1. This is great. Thank you, Susan.

  2. This is what we are trying hard here in Kilkenny - Ireland . I am Junior Officer in Irish Chess Union and I had some meetings with Minister for Education . I know that chess is great for children and it has to be in every primary school all over the World .